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To continue on the writer’s record keeping topic, I created a spread sheet to track  time, split into different writing categories.  I’ve found it a useful tool for learning about time management as I tackle the goal of writing every day.

Spread sheets can be onerous if one is not familiar with them, but again, I am happy to share.  Please email me at mspicher1@me.com if you would like me to send an attached copy of the format to you, putting “Time Sheet for Writers” in the subject line.

The additional benefit? The spread sheet provides supporting evidence if you need documentation for tax purposes.  Or to reveal, for example, how many fresh pages or revision pages you can write in a period of time.  Useful to know for setting deadlines in the future.

Have a great week everyone.  For those going to the RWA national in Orlando, I will be anxious to hear from GSRWA buddies, all about it.  Maybe we should have a post RWA party?

Take care, write on … See you Wednesday.

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