Positive Thinking: Is It Powerful?

The Rose? Or the darkness behind it?

One psychologist’s suggestions for improvement or life changes are paraphrased below.  Platitudes about positive thinking alone are not convincing,  but she pointed out how and why it works.

To paraphrase her words:  The subconscious mind does not judge, but only seeks to obey our thoughts and  unconsciously bring about situations and actions to make them come to pass .  We therefore must learn first of all, to recognize a negative thought, stop it cold in it’s tracks, and challenge the downer with a positive believable and convincing alternative.  The subconscious will adopt the newest thought, the positive one, and will set in motion, things to make it come to pass.

Can this affirmation technique help us examine situations and see if a positive light can shine on them?

For example, Mondays are a fabulous opportunity for a fresh start to the work week!  Have a good one, all.

On Line Blog Class from “Write it Forward”

Who Dares Wins

In response to a comment on my last post, here is an opportunity to learn how to maximize a writer’s potential blog traffic.  Many writers have benefitted from the experience and teaching skills of Bob Meyer and this online class is presented through “Write it Forward” … a site well worth checking out on its own.  The book cover on the left will connect you with Bob Mayer’s main website.  The offered class registration is contained within the Write it Forward site.

Blog on!

Michael Hauge Featured at Vancouver BC Writer’s Conference

I’ve listened to Michael Hauge tapes and viewed a DVD he shared with Christopher Vogler, and recommend him to all writers, no matter the genre. Don’t miss this opportunity to attend the conference featuring this gifted and talented teacher.  All writers outside the RWA membership can benefit.  Hope to see many of you in May 2011.

Write On, Vancouver: An intensive conference for fiction and screen writers
May 13-15, 2011; Vancouver, BC Featuring 8.5 hours of workshops with acclaimed Hollywood story and script consultant, Michael Hauge, plus editor appointments, additional workshops, and more.  Fees: $140-185


Writer’s Critique

Touch of a Thief

The Red Pencil Thursday is a feature of Mia Marlowe’s blog.  She critiques the first 500 pages of a manuscript every Thursday, the writer comments on the critique, and others comment as well. She critiqued The Labyrinth providing an instructive critique that leaves the writer’s voice intact, and offers encouragement.

Mia Marlowe’s latest novel Touch of a Thief is due out on April 26, 2011.

She recently launched a new website and it is worth a look.


October Writer’s Conferences Swamped my Brain

My office is cluttered with data, notes, business cards, and wonders retrieved from the ECWC  and the SIWC.  I am juggling a one night per week Novel Writing Class, part of the Western Washington University Extension (no credits) taught by Laura Kalpakian … and the effort to organize the material from the two excellent writer’s conferences.  Once organized, I will return and pass on light bulb moments.  Once I’ve reviewed and logged the data into my brain cells, perhaps my cranium will stop throbbing.  I’ll return this weekend.

In general terms, writer’s conferences have great value for writers.  We experience contact with experts, agents, editors, publishers, other writers, both hopeful beginning writers and writing experts, all with the goal to further the production of good writing worthy of a reader’s time and money. Ideas and ideals are shared.  New friends found. Helping hands full of encouragement, waiting.  My money jar for next year’s conferences is getting ready … a little here and a little there.  Maybe I wont miss money during the year … maybe … and will be glad to have it when a conference rolls around.  Let’s keep those pencils moving.








SIWC Conference Begins Today

Diana Gabaldon at SIWC 2009

Packed and ready for the Surrey International Writer’s Conference.  Except for one last minute detail.  SIWC offers a Blue Pencil session. A well known author reads your first three manuscript pages and together you discuss it.  I signed up with Diana Gabaldon, the author of the Outlander series.   I’m scrambling with a quick revision. See you all after the conference.



Surrey International Writer’s Conference Master Class


On the Road to Alaska

Autumn is not a quiet time in this writer’s life. Homework.

One of the SIWC Master Classes, Welcome to Your Rewrite presented by Robert J Ray, is based on his book The Weekend Novelists Rewrites the Novel .   He  sent his prospective students homework! How neat is that?   I have a better idea about class content, and suspect it will be three hours of  aha moments.

The bit about weekends?  He means doing nothing else … both Saturday and Sunday, minimum ten hours, dedicated writing labor.   I am excited about this class.  Having completed two manuscripts, I needed a method for revision.  His book walks the writer through the process.  Reading his book (not finished) and doing the homework provided a glimpse at the content of the class and I hope to come home, ready to tackle the big job of a rewrite, learning … always learning.

Writing Your Male Heros from a Male POV


Pin Oak Dressed for Autumn


To our Canadian Friends, Happy Thanksgiving!

Mary Buckham posted this link on Facebook, called The Gender Genie.

Sections of my story The Highland Pioneer are written from a male Point of View,  so I had fun and got a bit of a pat on the back.  The results are quick.  I scored as a male writer for the 500 words I cut and pasted.


Break Into Fiction by Mary Buckham & Diana Love



Author & Teacher, Mary Buckham


Mary is well known in Writer’s Associations as an instructor for her varied writing craft workshops, both online and in person. During the recent Emerald City Writer’s Conference in Bellevue, WA, she fortified the skills of those attending her workshops. The round table discussion to hopefuls during a pitch fest session sent us to the editors and agents with confident smiles. Thanks, Mary, for helping writers get to the next level of good fiction writing.

Historical Fiction

Picture me grasping for air under a pile of papers, new education on writing crafts, legal issues, and contacting new writer associations from the Emerald City Writer’s Conference in Bellevue WA. I have reviewed the notes from the workshops, filed them in a binder, and contacted some of the folks with whom I wanted to continue to connect.


Writer Jody Allen's Rings True Website

Please celebrate with me a new connection with Jody Allen, as yet unpublished, but a Scottish historian.  She Runs a business called Rings True, a valuable resource for those writing historical fiction surrounding Scottish history.  She edits for accuracy of language, custom, clothing, food, dwellings, and so on, to ensure your settings and story line are on target for the period and place in history.  She can be reached via email at jawisrwa@gmail.com

Stay tuned for more conference connections …

GSRWA Meeting & lecture by Bob Mayer

One hundred and twelve mile drive to attend a meeting with fellow members of the Greater Seattle Romance Writers of America on Sat. morning.  The learning curve continues under the teaching from Bob Mayer, a multi-published author, owner of an up and coming on-line publishing company, and presenter extraordinaire of workshops to assist writers in honing the art of story. Check out his blog about the future of publishing.

The networking and sharing between the members often continues after the meeting with a shared lunch at a local restaurant.  Each time I make the trip to a meeting, I am rewarded by getting to know the members a little better each time, and always picking up some new writing tips.  There are some changes rapidly heading our way in publishing.

Have a great weekend, all.

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