A Little Music Today

Deception Pass Park, WA State

I don’t have much to say today, (now that’s news!) so I’m sharing a beautiful rendition of “Don’t Cry For Me Argentina” by Andre Reiu and his orchestra.  The video is over 6 minutes long, so if this music is your thing, you can listen while you do something else if time pressured. Enjoy!

“Over the Backyard Fence” blog has invited me to be a guest on Wednesday, September 28.  I wrote a story one might share over the fence with a neighbor, a glimpse of a wee adventure growing up in a small mountain town.  Join me tomorrow, Wednesday Sept 28, here.

Friday Fun, Dancing into the Weekend

Shared photo from Photobucket site

Autumn Leaves

Lacing up my blog shoes a little late today.  I’ve been drinking in the blue sky, the leaves rattling in the breeze, and pouring over my “do list” to see what I can ignore.   Hope your Friday provides a good launching pad into the weekend.

See you next Tuesday, on my new schedule.  Wednesday I’m a guest blogger  at “Over The Backyard Fence“, a blog shared by Laveda Dee, Laurie Ryan, Tricia Jones, Jan Bowles, Jillian Chantal, Nancy, Valerie J Patterson, and Jamie Cody.

If you visit the site on Sept 28, you can read  my blog about young girls (who me?) having fun, and what might/could have happened.  I call them little  (or huge) supernatural rescues.

Enjoy the calming video to set aside the rush of the day.  Take a deep breath, relax and enjoy.

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