Food for Thought: Obesity

Imagine paddling a canoe at dawn!

Computers, desk jobs, stress, arthritic joints, age and limited time supply the conspirators that challenge efforts to get healthy. There is an old saying “past behavior is a good indicator of what to expect in the future.”

Diets do work. Every diet out there works.  Less food in, more exercise, and the pounds drop off.  However, recent discoveries through PET scans of brain chemistry, wiring  and behavior,  point to the reasons behind a lot of addictive behaviors.  It is not so much the substance one uses to zone out that makes us reach for it, but the memory pathway of how it makes us feel.  Food actually overcomes a lack of serotonin (feel good chemical) … and kicks in an endorphin (another feel good Chemical) response.

Diets create an enemy within that lurks to correct an attempt to starve the body, and we, who fight this battle, need tools to help us.

We cannot totally abstain from food.  Throw in some genetics, some psychological layers acquired through life experiences, and the problem of obesity ranks high for steeling some quality of life and physical capability.

Each of us must find our own pathway … what works for us … our experiences, health and genetics are unique to us alone.  But to everyone who struggles, I’m pulling for you, along with pulling for me.   Never give up.  Hats tipped  to all who strive, but please know it is not a moral issue or a personal failure.  The chemistry is stacked against us, and knowing that really helps.  Ask any soldier … understanding that which fights against us can be a great  key to winning the battle.  And forgiveness, like charity, begins at home.  Love ourselves first.  And really, there is nothing to forgive!

Well, for a Wednesday post, this one’s hitting the presses a little late.   But I was busy gathering tools today.  Hugs.

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