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I took the time today to update my website, following some suggestions on a website review offered by 1st turning point. I struggle because the website builder I use, often refuses my requests, gets bogged down, and I have to log out and back in again, and so on. This likely occurs  because I don’t understand the workings of HTML and I try to do too much at once.   I have learned that I need to save what I have changed before I go on to change something else.  I toned down the color, and would like to get rid of the logo and the fireworks banner, but haven’t figured out how to change that. So six and a half hours later … ZZZZzzzzzzz. I may hunt up a new design.

Have a great week. Would love to read your comments.

Learning Curve Continues

Great classes giving a blow by blow description easy to follow, to build a blog.  Even though I have blogged here for a while, I created another WordPress blog site so I could practice.   I am learning how to do things I avoided because I didn’t know how.   Thanks RU for this instruction! Can’t wait for session #3.

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