Exciting news!

Here is my latest exciting news! I am now a member of the crew for the fabulous ship called 1st Turning Point, a site dealing with promotion and marketing tips for writers.  The co-captains are Ann Charles and Jacquie Rogers. Quartermaster Wendy Delaney, and first mate Amber Scott.  The cabin girl is Chassily Wakefield, and my chore list is pending!  I’ll be happy to do a little swabbing of the deck!

Have a great week, everyone!


The path to getting published

The Greater Seattle Romance Writers of America  held their monthly meeting Saturday at Seatac, just a little south of Seattle.   The speaker Anthea Lawson, published writer who co-writes with her husband, shared great advice … a good review for experienced writers and necessary know-how for new writers seeking publication.

In addition to what Andrea taught us, for thosewriters who are published, or are getting closer to being published, 1st Turning Point is a web site that contains a wealth of information regarding steps to take before a book is published.  Once the contract is signed to buy your book for publication, the revision of your current book and the writing of your next book, will be your priority.  It is very important to have methods in place beforehand to promote yourself and your work as an writer. Check out 1st Turning Point … this site can prepare and guide writers to be proactive in their career path.  An agent shared with me that she perks up her ears when she learns that a network is already in place for a prospective client.

My personal soap box for new writers is to encourage membership in RWA, Romance Writers’ of America.  Next, find a local chapter.  Editors and Agents working with writers outside the Romance genre comment that RWA has something to offer writers of all genres. The Romance novels of today include historical, mystery, thriller, YA, Paranormal, Fantasy, erotica, contemporary, Women’s Fiction, Comedy, and Science Fiction, sweet fiction, and spiritual.

Marion (Life is a treasure hunt)

Pushing up the sleeves and getting to work!

I am captured by the desire to write.  In the ongoing pursuit of writing craft knowledge,  I attended a workshop sponsored by the Vancouver Island RWA writer’s group in Nanaimo, on Sat Sep 26, 2009.

Sally Harding, an agent …  crisp, helpful and to the point during my pitch moments with her, later spoke in the workshop about necessary self promotion  prior to publishing a novel.  She strongly reinforced what others recommended but her presentation anchored the point.

As a member of the Greater Seattle Romance Writers of America Group, I subscribe to a web page  by fellow chapter members Jacquie Rogers and Ann Charles, dealing with promotion and marketing, “1st Turning Point”. They stress that all writers must do this work. The site is pregnant with “how to” and “where to” ideas and suggestions.

Here is the link to this awesome marketing and promotion web page called “1st Turning Point.”


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