Win a Copy of “Wild” by Pamela S Beason

A Child is Missing in the Wilderness

Win a copy of Pamela Beason’s autographed self published book, no longer available as her novel was picked up by a New York publishing house.

This story will debut with a different title, and a few minor changes … sometime in 2011.  I enjoyed reading it, and noticed that for me, a notorious ‘skipper’, I skipped no words in this novel.

To win, subscribe to my blog and add a brief comment with your most effective time organization tools, listing the major things you do, to keep those words flowing onto the pages, while attending to the business end of being a writer—and not neglecting personal obligations.

Last date to comment will be Sat, August 21 at midnight, Pacific Daylight Time.  I will choose the winner and post it on Monday, August 23.  It is my hope that we will all benefit from reviewing the time challenges that every writer faces every day.

I will pick the one (s) most likely to help me, totally subjective, and send the book.

Have a great writing day,  and a wonderful weekend.

A New Romance Novel in August by local writer

I met Pam Beason last October at the Surrey International Writer’s Conference and since then, we have met at the Bellingham Whatcom Writers & Publishers meetings.

She self published a book called “Wild” which I bought (members of WWP can bring their books to meetings & sell them) but didn’t get around to reading it until recently.  Wow!  When I told Pam how much I enjoyed the book, and appreciated her writing style, she gave me an update.

Berkley Prime Crime has purchased the rights to “Wild”  so it’s no longer for sale on the internet or in regular bookstores.  The title will likely change and the book will not be available until late 2011 after Berkley requests a few small changes.  Pam Beason is an example of a self published writer who got picked up by a publishing house.

"On Shakey Ground" by author Pamela S. Beason

In the meantime, keep watch for her new romance novel available in August, “On Shaky Ground.”

When Terrence Langston ran Langston Green, the plant nursery sailed along like a well-run ship. But when his daughter Elisa takes charge after his sudden death, she feels more like the captain of the Titanic. First, vandalism, then a major earthquake, then arson. And now a handsome insurance investigator believes that she’s behind all the destruction? Will she have to get killed to prove him wrong?

She is an RWA member, and I am trying to persuade her to commute with me to GSRWA meetings in Seattle.

Until another day, wishing the best for you …

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