Fun Friday: Quotes from Zig Zigler via the “Simple Truths” Site

Birch Bay in the Evening

A video sharing quotes from the Site “Simple Truths” (often inspires, not always my cup of tea,  but suitable for many of us.)  Sorry folks, I couldn’t embed it here, but it is a fun 3 minute trip into video land. If you like those daily boosts, this may be for you!

Did you find a favorite quote from Zig Ziggler? I did.

      Zig Zigler was approached by someone in the audience who said, “Zig, it was a great speech, but … motivation doesn’t last.”
Zig Said, “Bathing doesn’t either.  That’s why I recommend it daily!”

Sail into a great weekend, and I’ll perhaps out paths will meet again on Monday.

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