Technology Tingles: The Smartpen

Technology continues to move ahead exponentially. Trying to keep up feels like an intellectual marathon. And can be a financial drain.

Evernote (another great program) first mentioned a ‘smart pen’ …  I met it with the same skepticism I felt when techies announced grocery stores would soon scan bar codes on items at checkout.  Imagine the length of checkout lines without bar codes and scanners.

Livescribe Echo™ Smartpen 4GB Bundle

Today my daughter emailed me an example of a smart pen.  She took notes during a meeting using this mini-computer pen, and used it concurrently to record the meeting.  She downloaded the writing (in her actual handwriting) and the audio to her computer. She sent an email attachment and I was able to see her notes and listen to the recording on Adobe.  Amazing!

How are you all doing with technology?

Okay, now you might ask … “Why do we engage in blogs, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Goodreads and Stumbleupon, with Google+ on the way as well?” Partly because keeping up with technology is wise, but mainly to keep in touch with others worldwide.   I want to be ready  on the day in the future, when I can reach out …  hoping my cyber friends and connections can help me celebrate a published book! Others may be working on other creative endeavors, or achievements and sharing can be exciting. Or keeping in touch with family and friends.

But beware the dragon! Social networking has big teeth and can swallow gobs of time, and even our active lives.  It requires a time budget and there is a continual learning curve.  I’m working on it! Both the learning curves and the time budgets.  Got any pointers to share?

See y’all Friday with another video to send you into the weekend on wings.

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