Friday Fun, Dancing into the Weekend

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Autumn Leaves

Lacing up my blog shoes a little late today.  I’ve been drinking in the blue sky, the leaves rattling in the breeze, and pouring over my “do list” to see what I can ignore.   Hope your Friday provides a good launching pad into the weekend.

See you next Tuesday, on my new schedule.  Wednesday I’m a guest blogger  at “Over The Backyard Fence“, a blog shared by Laveda Dee, Laurie Ryan, Tricia Jones, Jan Bowles, Jillian Chantal, Nancy, Valerie J Patterson, and Jamie Cody.

If you visit the site on Sept 28, you can read  my blog about young girls (who me?) having fun, and what might/could have happened.  I call them little  (or huge) supernatural rescues.

Enjoy the calming video to set aside the rush of the day.  Take a deep breath, relax and enjoy.

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