Labor Day Holiday Already? Time Flies.

In the Pacific Northwest we’ve already forgotten the cold wet spring and early summer while we bask in days full of golden sunshine.  Labor Day comes along not too many days after my birthday.  Both days whisper remembered wonderful things to my child’s heart. “Soon you’ll be back in school with your friends.”

I loved starting a new school year.  Different teachers, clean binders, new pencils, crayons, exciting stuff! A fresh start.  That’s the part that stays with me.  The autumn is the time of year for a fresh start.

Prince of Wales Hotel, Waterton Lakes National Park

Every  summer, my folks took us to Waterton National Park, the Canadian Extension of Glacier National Park.  We rented a small cabin for two months. They brought someone to watch over my two brothers and me while my parents golfed.

We swam, rode horseback, met new friends, and ultimately ended up with horses of our own.   We learned that owning a horse and caring for it brought complications.  Finding them on foot in the big pasture land was the first hurdle! The stickers in the grass, and a horse that couldn’t be bribed by a bucket of oats.

The childhood impressions of dates, times and seasons stays with me. The autumn  early morning crisp air with occasional wisps of fog, heralds that sigh of remembrance … good things are coming.

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