Fun Friday: Is Leadership, Within, Outside Source, or Both?

Law of Attraction … lovely music … about the ability to lead.

Does leadership need to take us into the public eye? Or is the greatest leadership living within each one of us … the ability to lead our lives the way we passionately wish it could be? What do you think? Can we be a leader in a soup kitchen, planting our own garden, or cleaning someone else’s house, adding some calm to their life. The beautician in a salon who gives a massage of the scalp and neck, gives a lift.   The street person rewarding us with a smile from the heart when we offer a sandwich. Writing our stories, will they give a lift to someone?  Or does the gratification come because we wrote a story, reaching deep into our core?

Can we discover it, our own internal leadership,  seeking and finding our  own passion, living through letting go of our dreams of how we think it ought to be, and accepting each day as a gift, called the ‘present?’

Once the layers of “should” and “But I …” are stripped away, the identity we use to keep safe day to day (necessary armor at times) might yield to something exquisite in our core.  Some of us  get to peek, and then must run back into safety. But each peak is a step up.  Any insights to share?

Have a great weekend, my fellow leaders and followers, for I suspect we are all a bit of both.

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