Technology does it again!

Lombardi's Cachina Italian Restaurant, Everett WA

Anyone interested in selling items outside a business venue to a credit card preferring public, if you have an apple i-Pod or an i-Phone, there is a gadget that plugs into the audio jack in which the customer can swipe the card to make the purchase.

An author selling signed copies of her novels at a book signing today (sponsored by Everett Evergreen RWA and Lomardi’s Cucina Restaurant) used one.  This model was about 1″ by 1″,  and fit into the audio jack of her i-Phone.  One can be purchased at an Apple Store for about $10.   Download the free app for your i-Phone of i-Pad and that’s it.  Probably a small fee for the swipe of a card.

Click here to see a example of a different one.

Today presented a great opportunity to chat with writers, purchase books if desired, co-mingle with fellow writers, and eat some of Lombardi’s Cucina Italian food, the best food to ever pass ones lips!

Welcome to Monday … hope everyone enjoys pleasant surprises this week!

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