HootSuite http://ow.ly/qkNHH

HootSuite http://ow.ly/qkNHH

In Hootsuite to streamline social media.

In Hootsuite to streamline social media. Like hanging on to a huge octopus, wrapped in a strangle hold, going down, shouting “I’ve got it!”

You Can’t Change That

You Can’t Change That.



Flying Ahead to New Site

Dear Subscribers

Folks who have subscribed to the marionspicher.wordpress.com site are in the process of being transferred (by jetpack) to my new site marionspicher.com which will serve as both website and blog.

My former website is no longer accessible.  I’ll dress up the new site when time allows–currently the ambiance seems rather drab.

Jetpack instructed me that you will  no longer receive emails telling you of a new post, but the posts could be read in a reader.  That sound like a bit of a nuisance for you all! I don’t plan to post on this site once these little details are handled. Telling you this in case you wonder what the hey?

SIMPLEST SOLUTION:  He said you would also need to subscribe to the new site.  Please do!  I would think that no further action is needed. I look forward to posting on the new site more often and reconnecting with you all.  Hope spring becomes a reality for most of the nation!

crocus found by googling crocus photos

Harbingers of spring

Work in Progress

My website and blog are being consolidated and transferred to WordPress. When all the adjustments and changes are made, you will find both by clicking on the link above.

One of Nature's Lovely Creations

One of Nature’s Lovely Creations

Amanda Hagarty is helping me with the transition.  I’ll keep you posted.  She is now working on transferring my subscribers to the new site.

I am excited.  I face challenges in the learning curve while  giving the site the look and feel I want to portray.  Hooray that the blog and website  will all be in one web location.

And who knows?  Maybe I’ll post interesting things more often.

Happy spring, everyone.  I’m waving and smiling.

Free book Jan 27,28 … Nikki Navarre ..

Free book Jan 27,28 … Nikki Navarre … http://www.freeebooksdaily.com/2013/01/he-russian-seduction-by-nikki-navarre.html

Free book Jan 27,28 … Nikki Navarre ..

Free book Jan 27,28 … Nikki Navarre … http://www.freeebooksdaily.com/2013/01/he-russian-seduction-by-nikki-navarre.html

Book Review: Picking up the Pieces by Wendy Dewar Hughes

Author Wendy Dewar Hughes

Author Wendy Dewar Hughes

Wendy Dewar Hughes writes inspirational romantic suspense novels set in contemporary times. For a passionate reader like me,  finding a great book is like discovering a gold nugget while panning for gold.

When my husband finished reading “Picking up the Pieces” by Wendy Dewar Hughes, he passed the book to me, saying, “Now this is a great book.” His endorsement sent me to the pages immediately.  I highly recommend the novel to readers of all ages and genres. Stellar writing craft.  Gripping mystery and intrigue. Did it keep me hooked? Oh yes!

I walked in the protagonist’s shoes, felt fear amidst her dilemmas full of danger, and experienced the international settings through her eyes.  I felt like I was there. I cared deeply, and pulled for her on every page. The story and the characters stayed with me, like real people I know. This writer has gifted readers with a fine piece of work.

Here is a partial quote from the book blurb on Wendy Dewar Hughes website: “Jill Moss is pulling her life back together after her husband’s death when she is shocked to receive a message that her uncle, famed archaeologist Neil Bryant, has made a Mayan archaeological discovery of such consequence that his life is in danger.”  You can read the entire blurb at http://www.wendydewarhughes.com  Enjoy!

Wishing you all good reading, and to writers, great writing, and in addition, the best blessings in 2013.

A Delightful Interruption in the Order of Nature

When proximity and love transcends natural tendencies in the animal kingdom, it warms my heart.  Perhaps because it represents hope that love can overcome all.  If you can spare  3 1/2 minutes to relax and watch this video, I hope you come away as I did, with a smiling heart.

Please click on the link: http://www.dogwork.com/ddsff4/

For fun, here’s a photo of our pup, now one year old (going on  6 weeks) and our adopted 6 year old chocolate lab posing as a regal prince.

King, age one, but living in a puppy heart

Buddy, six, looking for a treat

Wishing you a week that adds something beautiful to your life.

Stopping by for a visit

Tulip Fields in Skagit County, Washington State

I’m dreaming of spring.  Did have some lovely sunshine after the brief snow shower this morning.  I’m just stopping by to wave at you all, and ask for comments on any changes on the blog appearance or blog roll additions.  Wana711 and others, please email me if you are not on the blogroll list and would like to be included. Suggestions and comments are welcome.  Hope you’ve all had a great day, and will glide along through Wednesday and on into the weekend.  Or … you could just enjoy each moment …  See you soon!

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