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April Rickard, Website Reviewer for 1st Turning Point

April Rickard reviewed my website on  1st Turning Point , the place to visit to learn from experienced “others” who share not only the “how to” but the “why” — in self promotion, platform building, social networking, etc.

It is important to me to learn as much as I can about platform building before I need one, so the learning curve doesn’t hit during the time when a potential agent or editor either wants to know if you have a social network up and running.  If a writer has established internet exposure, when the new novel  gets published, the publicity can easily be sent into cyber space.  Thank you April, and 1st Turning Point, for the review.  Now if I can just find a spot on my calendar (grin) … the best I can offer is that I will put a note here when I have worked on improving the site.

Writer’s Tracking Spreadsheet by Laurie Ryan

Members of GSRWA have access through the email loop, to shared experiences, tools, hints, education, and motivation from other writers.

Pirate's Promise, by Laurie Ryan

Laurie Ryan, a romance and women’s fiction author who writes sensual stories of real-life characters thrust into extraordinary situations, shared her exceptional spread sheet with all chapter members.  The spreadsheet is available on her website, a free download for use by any writer.

I experienced almost immediate motivation in two ways.  I could visualize the progress in the revision of my manuscript and  the time/effort required to finish it by the target date.   The data removed the shadows of doubt “that I’ll never get it done in time” and lightened the pressure load.   Additional benefits provide data for planning deadlines, information to give to agents and editors, and evidence of writing efforts for tax purposes.  I suspect that if we are not deducting expenses yet, if sales occur, it may be possible to go back a year or two. but consultation with a tax expert would be necessary to provide more reliable information.

Stolen Treasures, by Laurie Ryan

This exceptional tool has two tabs at the bottom of the sheet.  One is labeled “Instructions” and the other is the sheet itself.  Be sure to read the brief instructions  first.  The sheet is write protected in any area where fooling around with it would destroy the formulas set up  to provide the data calculations.  Folks who are not yet familiar with spread sheets would find it easy to use.

As a thank you to  Laurie Ryan, I’ve included the covers of her two latest novels.

Have a great week everyone!

History of the Celts

Rediscovered: A website of Celtic history for those of us interested in those wily Scots—and from where and when they arrived on the lands of present day Scotland.

I am anxious to get back to my story about the Highland Pioneer.  Must finish the revision on the current manuscript, The Labyrinth.

A New Romance Novel in August by local writer

I met Pam Beason last October at the Surrey International Writer’s Conference and since then, we have met at the Bellingham Whatcom Writers & Publishers meetings.

She self published a book called “Wild” which I bought (members of WWP can bring their books to meetings & sell them) but didn’t get around to reading it until recently.  Wow!  When I told Pam how much I enjoyed the book, and appreciated her writing style, she gave me an update.

Berkley Prime Crime has purchased the rights to “Wild”  so it’s no longer for sale on the internet or in regular bookstores.  The title will likely change and the book will not be available until late 2011 after Berkley requests a few small changes.  Pam Beason is an example of a self published writer who got picked up by a publishing house.

"On Shakey Ground" by author Pamela S. Beason

In the meantime, keep watch for her new romance novel available in August, “On Shaky Ground.”

When Terrence Langston ran Langston Green, the plant nursery sailed along like a well-run ship. But when his daughter Elisa takes charge after his sudden death, she feels more like the captain of the Titanic. First, vandalism, then a major earthquake, then arson. And now a handsome insurance investigator believes that she’s behind all the destruction? Will she have to get killed to prove him wrong?

She is an RWA member, and I am trying to persuade her to commute with me to GSRWA meetings in Seattle.

Until another day, wishing the best for you …

Added the Page “About Me”

A new page “About Me” has been added.  Wishing you the best this Sunday.

Back to the Manuscript Revision

My WIP (work in progress) binder is open, back on the desk, pen in hand, (well, obviously not quite) ready to continue revision.

I posted the first two paragraphs on  Christine Fairchild’s blog & await teaching  on what & how to correct/improve.  When I read it after posting it, the writing presented a great opp for Christine to teach me—and others—how to improve!  Ahem.

I look forward to an on-line class given by Christine Fairchild, August 11 through 17th—instruction on how to make dialogue pop.

Eleven days in July full of family fun—daughter (not telling her age) and granddaughter (age 9) from Juneau Alaska, and Granddaughter (age 19) from Austin, Texas. Today, this old house echoes silence—as the occupant level has shifted—back to two folks (not telling our age either) and one chocolate lab.

Writers in our local (Seattle) GSRWA are gearing up to attend one or both writer’s conferences this month, the first is next week, the Pacific Northwest Writers Association Conference July 22-25, and the other the RWA National Conference July 28-30. Wishing you all safe travels, inspirational & educational workshops, meetings with editors and agents, and a harvest  yielding benefits to your writing careers. And a host of new friends.

Y’all know I would attend with you if I had a fairy godmother! Instead, I’ll send wings. Bon Voyage!

Manuscript revision is my priority this summer

Manuscript Revision rules my life, after family priorities. Home takes on a special twinge of the heart after travels, wonderful as it was to see family and friends, and to traverse across this great continent of North America.  Time, energy and finances limit exploration, and on the spot historical research for the next novel.

Struggles with Microsoft Word 08 for the Mac, (in dealing with long manuscript documents) prompted me to try  Scrivener.  There is a learning curve, but in the long run, I trust it will save me hours of time.  Others in the GSRWA (Greater Seattle Romance Writers of America) writing community have used it and found it helpful.  The web site offers videos and there is a good tutorial, which (grin) made it possible for me to understand the videos on the second pass.

In the interest of sharing, posted below are  some links of interest to writers.
Excellent site for tracking Queries, including a data base of agents/publishers
Education for writers sponsored by RWA, Romance Writers of America
A Manuscript Revision method offered by Holly Isle.  Worth a look.

Until next time, enjoy the summer, and blessings to all.

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