And the winner is Diana Murdock

On my October 25th blog, I offered a drawing for the Donald Maass book “Writing the Breakout Novel” to all who commented.  Diana Murdock was the name pulled from the bag.  Hope you find great things in the book, Diana.  I am currently reading “Fire in Fiction” and highly recommend it.  Now back to writing.  Weekend approaching, wishing you all a fantastic finish of the week, and something you enjoy on the weekend.

For your viewing pleasure, stick with this video to get the message.  I think you’ll enjoy it as much as I did.

Writer’s Critique

Touch of a Thief

The Red Pencil Thursday is a feature of Mia Marlowe’s blog.  She critiques the first 500 pages of a manuscript every Thursday, the writer comments on the critique, and others comment as well. She critiqued The Labyrinth providing an instructive critique that leaves the writer’s voice intact, and offers encouragement.

Mia Marlowe’s latest novel Touch of a Thief is due out on April 26, 2011.

She recently launched a new website and it is worth a look.


Accuracy in a Historical Novel

This link provided by Jody Allen took me to an article written by James Champ  for The National Conversation. If you check it out, I hope you will appreciate his crisp suggestions regarding research before beginning the novel set in a time long past.

Today I upgraded my blog site.  Check out the RSS feeds at the bottom from Christine Fairchild, who edits and teaches while she writes, and Publishers Lunch, a free site to keep current on events in the world of writing and publishing.


Writing Your Male Heros from a Male POV


Pin Oak Dressed for Autumn


To our Canadian Friends, Happy Thanksgiving!

Mary Buckham posted this link on Facebook, called The Gender Genie.

Sections of my story The Highland Pioneer are written from a male Point of View,  so I had fun and got a bit of a pat on the back.  The results are quick.  I scored as a male writer for the 500 words I cut and pasted.


Break Into Fiction by Mary Buckham & Diana Love



Author & Teacher, Mary Buckham


Mary is well known in Writer’s Associations as an instructor for her varied writing craft workshops, both online and in person. During the recent Emerald City Writer’s Conference in Bellevue, WA, she fortified the skills of those attending her workshops. The round table discussion to hopefuls during a pitch fest session sent us to the editors and agents with confident smiles. Thanks, Mary, for helping writers get to the next level of good fiction writing.

Historical Fiction

Picture me grasping for air under a pile of papers, new education on writing crafts, legal issues, and contacting new writer associations from the Emerald City Writer’s Conference in Bellevue WA. I have reviewed the notes from the workshops, filed them in a binder, and contacted some of the folks with whom I wanted to continue to connect.


Writer Jody Allen's Rings True Website

Please celebrate with me a new connection with Jody Allen, as yet unpublished, but a Scottish historian.  She Runs a business called Rings True, a valuable resource for those writing historical fiction surrounding Scottish history.  She edits for accuracy of language, custom, clothing, food, dwellings, and so on, to ensure your settings and story line are on target for the period and place in history.  She can be reached via email at

Stay tuned for more conference connections …

An Agent’s site classroom for publication

As I studied the presenters for the Surrey International Writers Conference coming up October 21st, I ventured to the agent website, Michael Larson-Elizabeth Pomada in San Francisco to learn what I could about agent Laurie McLean.  This website is worth a visit for a variety or reasons, but I stumbled upon a wealth of information they offer to educate writers about publishing.

Check my ‘Links’ page for more sites of interest to writers.  Let me know in a comment if you would like to be included.

Have a great weekend, all, and for those of you who write, hope the fingers fly on the keyboard in between finding time for relaxation and renewal.

Blogging for New Writers

Finally got around to checking for comments today. I’ve had my head buried in a manuscript revision.

Thanks to all who stopped by and left comments.

Tia Nevitt, the author of one comment, listed the URL for an educational post she wrote. Check it out here. She has a new blog as well called Debuts and Reviews.  It is worth a visit as well.  Thank you Tia. I hope to make some improvements soon.

GSRWA Meeting & lecture by Bob Mayer

One hundred and twelve mile drive to attend a meeting with fellow members of the Greater Seattle Romance Writers of America on Sat. morning.  The learning curve continues under the teaching from Bob Mayer, a multi-published author, owner of an up and coming on-line publishing company, and presenter extraordinaire of workshops to assist writers in honing the art of story. Check out his blog about the future of publishing.

The networking and sharing between the members often continues after the meeting with a shared lunch at a local restaurant.  Each time I make the trip to a meeting, I am rewarded by getting to know the members a little better each time, and always picking up some new writing tips.  There are some changes rapidly heading our way in publishing.

Have a great weekend, all.

A Writer’s Toolkit

Cassandra Jade, Australian Author

Cassandra Jade, an Australian Author, shared in her  July blog entry a writer’s tool kit.  It is worth a read.

She suggested creating a skim reading spread sheet to briefly summarize where the WIP has been—and is headed—so if we have been away from the project, we can skim it quickly and get up to date without reading the manuscript again.

The direction of the original plan often changes so doesn’t provide a reliable review.  Who has time to read the whole thing again before continuing on?

As a thank you for the idea, below is a promo about her book.

Have a great writing day.  I’d best get to it myself.

Genre: Fantasy Length: Novel
Digital ISBN: 978-1-61650-146-4
Digital Publication Date: May 3, 2010
Formats: .epub, .lit, .pdf, .prc (Kindle and Mobi), .lrf (Sony Reader) and pc and raw .html

What do you do when the universe conspires against you?

Calandra has her future all figured out: She’ll live with her overbearing mother another year, then she’ll be free to pursue her heart’s dream—being a librarian. Then her mother is murdered, she’s stalked by mysterious beings, and the future she’s longed for crumbles.
On her quest to return the chaos of her life to order, hidden truths are uncovered that set her on a course she could never have imagined. She must confront ancient secrets, battle mysterious forces and survive the wrath of the gods before peace is restored and her life is again her own.

Writers, Mood Shifts, and Nature

Nature Dealing with Rough Terrain

There are times in every writer’s life when a mood shift can brighten a down day. I enjoyed reading this blog entry from a writer who wears more than one hat.  I hope you will drift into her world for a few moments and see how she does it.

Many writers are pulled in different directions by obligations or just the need for change, to do something that satisfies the heart, like being with family or  friends.

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