Celtic Legends Surrounding Halloween


'Tis the Season

As a member of the Celtic Hearts, a chapter of RWA, I have access to their member blogs.  One such blog covers Celtic Legends surrounding Halloween.  Always curious about Samhain, (and how to pronounce it) I welcomed the articles surrounding this festival and other legends behind traditions at this time of year.  Click on the link and Enjoy!


Accuracy in a Historical Novel

This link provided by Jody Allen took me to an article written by James Champ  for The National Conversation. If you check it out, I hope you will appreciate his crisp suggestions regarding research before beginning the novel set in a time long past.

Today I upgraded my blog site.  Check out the RSS feeds at the bottom from Christine Fairchild, who edits and teaches while she writes, and Publishers Lunch, a free site to keep current on events in the world of writing and publishing.


Historical Fiction

Picture me grasping for air under a pile of papers, new education on writing crafts, legal issues, and contacting new writer associations from the Emerald City Writer’s Conference in Bellevue WA. I have reviewed the notes from the workshops, filed them in a binder, and contacted some of the folks with whom I wanted to continue to connect.


Writer Jody Allen's Rings True Website

Please celebrate with me a new connection with Jody Allen, as yet unpublished, but a Scottish historian.  She Runs a business called Rings True, a valuable resource for those writing historical fiction surrounding Scottish history.  She edits for accuracy of language, custom, clothing, food, dwellings, and so on, to ensure your settings and story line are on target for the period and place in history.  She can be reached via email at jawisrwa@gmail.com

Stay tuned for more conference connections …

History of the Celts

Rediscovered: A website of Celtic history for those of us interested in those wily Scots—and from where and when they arrived on the lands of present day Scotland.

I am anxious to get back to my story about the Highland Pioneer.  Must finish the revision on the current manuscript, The Labyrinth.

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