Autumn Breezes Bring Change, or When Life Throws a Roadblock, Can We Find a Detour?

The picture has nothing to do with the post but I like it. My granddaughter in o4.

Autumn breezes blow in change.  Swimming for exercise started yesterday.  In an outdoor pool.  Brrrr. But the water is warm and the walk from the change room to the pool is short.

The first attempt after surgery August 11, revealed the top step was too high for my worn out hip implants.

Like many things in our lives, the hurdle could work as an excuse.  Swimming usurps 3 hours of my day driving to the pool followed by the swim, shower, fix hair, and get home.  Life without exercise is not an option, so the brain got busy with a solution.

The home health supply store ordered a metal medical footstool with a grab type handle that would not float. Perfect.

New problem.  How am I going to cart all that stuff into the change room? My right hand needs to operate a cane.  Aha. I went to a department store and bought a rolling duffel bag.

Swimming day arrived. I filled the duffel with swimming things, purse, water bottles, and stowed the footstool upside down on the top, using a bungee cord. Stares and smiles followed the bag lady strolling along the resort sidewalk.  A tall, dark and handsome man with a great aura asked if he could help.  I thanked him and said I had it all figured out.

After the swim, the same kind man, his wife and child shared the hot tub. The conversation thrilled me. A Spaniard now living in the US and working in Canada, he praised the US as the example of freedom for the whole world, and much more that I wont post here. He talked of his belief that wonderful things are in store for mankind.

The conversation was reward enough and lifted me, but I also had my trusty laptop in the rolling duffel bag, and went to the resort’s spa lounge and wrote for an hour.

Now all I need to do is find someone to do my housework and the bookkeeping,  in arrears, so writing can continue.  My brain is working on that.  My husband is willing to help, but I have to (shudder) ask.  But if the motivation is high enough … well, who knows.

Hope you enjoy the changes October brings. Would love to hear your stories  reflecting  your  detours around a problem.

Health Care Gratitude: Hip Replacements Keeping Us Walking!

Perfect place for a picnic

Ten years ago, family and friends helped me overcome my fear and an orthopedic surgeon gave my mobility back when he replaced both hips. Unfortunately, one of them became infected and required three additional surgeries, but ended with a favorable outcome.  Those who cared for me, besides my family, remain in my memory to this day.

  • The nursing assistant who turned my pillow in the middle of the night (aaaaahhh, sweet!)
  • The RNs who wrote and monitored the care plan, administered medications, IV’s, treatments, watched over me in recovery room, changed my sheets when the teensy fracture pan didn’t do the job … I tried to warn her … and we both laughed until the tears flowed.
  • The lab personnel, The Infection Control Physician
  • The Pharmacy personnel, The Home Health Teams
  • The Dietary departments, The housekeeping staff
  • The Supply clerks who make sure everything needed is at hand
  • The x-ray personnel,  the operating room Personnel
  • The anesthesiologists
  • The Physical Therapist, The Occupational Therapist
  • The ward clerks, receptionists and The volunteers
  • The nursing home (actually the one in which I worked. Now the human resources director was at their mercy!) They cared for me when I wasn’t quite functional enough to head home and burden the family when the 4 hospital days expired.  (Better the days expire than me!) They greeted me, lining the hall, and clapping as the stretcher rolled by.  My room had a poster of a hunky man on the ceiling, and balloons hung in the corner.  Lots of sayings on the walls.

Yes, I am concerned about health care in the United States.  Especially for those who don’t have access. But in the eye of the health debate hurricane, there are the core folks who give their all for the ill and injured.  Thanks to them and their families.  Because most families are the extension that keeps them available, and functioning, often sacrificing time and family functions, while their loved one must run to the aid of others.

Blessings to all who need the services of these great folks.  The world according to health care is like entering another sphere of existence. But the door to walk back into our former life is there for most of us.   For those who are still in the midst, I hope you feel like you are being touched by angels. Does anyone have a positive story to share?  A special health care professional to describe?

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