Boarding our Dogs While Mama and Papa are Away

Buddy Taking It Easy

King, an earlier photo

Difficult though it is, sometimes boarding our pets is necessary.  When I look at those eyes as we drop them off at the Kennel, my heart sinks. I remind myself  they will sleep a lot and be treated well.  But five days in a dog’s life, compared to the total time they are expected to live, is long. We have an older Chocolate Lab and a 6 month old Yellow Lab.  We We brought them home last Friday.  The older one, an adopted dog at age 5, Buddy, sulked a bit, but he is a sedate dog.  The younger one, King, raced around, licked, tried to crawl inside us with excitement.  He is big enough now to create a balance tipping thump if he makes a direct hit!  We think we are making headway in training him.  But exuberance is something hard to measure and create behavior modification without damaging their wonderful spirit.  Wish us luck!  Pointers willingly accepted, not as in dog breeds, but as advice.  (smile)

I am comforted by the memory of our former precious lab, Nicky, who showed great excitement and couldn’t wait to be turned over to the kennel, run by our veterinarian.  They do walk and play with the dogs.

Progress: No more office garbage raids when King opens the door.  He is now allowed to enter and sits (after some show of exuberance) quietly on my throw rug.

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