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Kristen Lamb’s Blog is well worth a visit.  Her book “We Are Not Alone: The Writer’s Guide to Social Media” is on sale right now for $4.99 according to her most recent blog.  I am currently enrolled in her online class on blogging, and found her teaching most valuable.  Now I gotta run.  Sending good wishes to all.

Technology Tingles: The Smartpen

Technology continues to move ahead exponentially. Trying to keep up feels like an intellectual marathon. And can be a financial drain.

Evernote (another great program) first mentioned a ‘smart pen’ …  I met it with the same skepticism I felt when techies announced grocery stores would soon scan bar codes on items at checkout.  Imagine the length of checkout lines without bar codes and scanners.

Livescribe Echo™ Smartpen 4GB Bundle

Today my daughter emailed me an example of a smart pen.  She took notes during a meeting using this mini-computer pen, and used it concurrently to record the meeting.  She downloaded the writing (in her actual handwriting) and the audio to her computer. She sent an email attachment and I was able to see her notes and listen to the recording on Adobe.  Amazing!

How are you all doing with technology?

Okay, now you might ask … “Why do we engage in blogs, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Goodreads and Stumbleupon, with Google+ on the way as well?” Partly because keeping up with technology is wise, but mainly to keep in touch with others worldwide.   I want to be ready  on the day in the future, when I can reach out …  hoping my cyber friends and connections can help me celebrate a published book! Others may be working on other creative endeavors, or achievements and sharing can be exciting. Or keeping in touch with family and friends.

But beware the dragon! Social networking has big teeth and can swallow gobs of time, and even our active lives.  It requires a time budget and there is a continual learning curve.  I’m working on it! Both the learning curves and the time budgets.  Got any pointers to share?

See y’all Friday with another video to send you into the weekend on wings.

Twitter, Tweetdeck and Finally Some Easy Answers

The Plover near the Lady Washington

The Tall Ships visit Washington Ports

Patrick Thunstrom’s blog will elicit a sigh or relief from anyone struggling with twitter and/or tweetdeck.  I recommend the tweetdeckdownload for managing all social media . It appears in  columns for easy scanning and response to your social media programs all at once.  If you go to Patrick’s blog, it will take the mystery out of the functions, and make it simple.  Thank you Patrick!

On Line Blog Class from “Write it Forward”

Who Dares Wins

In response to a comment on my last post, here is an opportunity to learn how to maximize a writer’s potential blog traffic.  Many writers have benefitted from the experience and teaching skills of Bob Meyer and this online class is presented through “Write it Forward” … a site well worth checking out on its own.  The book cover on the left will connect you with Bob Mayer’s main website.  The offered class registration is contained within the Write it Forward site.

Blog on!

Social Networking for Writers: To Do or Not To Do

B&B Whidbey Island Writer's Conference

Unpublished writers, would Social Networking work for you? Browse the pros and cons below:

  • Folks must budget time if they decide to network on line.  I budget an average of three hours a day, checking email loops, writing and reading emails, blogs, facebook, twitter an LinkedIn.
  • No budget constraints? Hire a professional to set up the website and the blog, etc.  The rest of us must learn as we go.
  • 1st turning point suggest we get the learning curve out of the way before one is known and published.  The fear factor diminishes when we know no one but family is paying attention.
  • We can learn to make posts crisp, interesting or helpful, not dallying with readers’ time.
  • Why did I start ahead of the game?  Knowledge of how my mind works. My left-brain has one track, and that track needs repetition, using more time.  Stress freezes my brain cells, and when my manuscript is picked up by an agent or publisher, I’ll avoid the learning curve angst.  Published networking friends taught me pressure builds once published, as one marketing strategy is a network platform.
  • Ancient Whispers by Marie-Claude Bourque

    Knight of Passion by Margaret Mallory

  • The clear message in an email discussion on the GSRWA loop by Marie-Claude Bourque and Margaret Mallory? Creativity and time redirects away from our manuscripts to social networking.
  • Whatever the decision, realize social networking cuts into writing time, and for some, dampens creativity.
  • Weigh the time pressures and alternate zones for creativity.  Techies breeze through social networking, learning to link efficiently.  In a former post on this blog, a pointed to a link ‘how to blog on wordpress for non techies.’ I suggest blog first, then graduate to a website if you must.
  • Agents admit that if two equal manuscripts in the same genre sit before them, and they must choose only one, the writer with a network wins.  Consider the odds. Perhaps not likely. But a great story?  I wager they’ll wait, and deal.
  • Social networking bumps your name up on the Google search. Something to consider when deciding when to choose a pen name.  A writer wastes a lot of name recognition exposure, waiting to switch names.  If you do comment or write blogs or have a website, Google yourself.  You might be surprised. You’ll reap great motivation to make the first sentence count because it may appear on Google.
  • One last thought? Would I have reaped the same level of motivation, inspiration, support, encouragement, resources, & education, without social networking?  No.
  • Would my passion for writing have continued to grow without social networking?  Maybe not. We’ll never know.
  • Celtic Legends Surrounding Halloween


    'Tis the Season

    As a member of the Celtic Hearts, a chapter of RWA, I have access to their member blogs.  One such blog covers Celtic Legends surrounding Halloween.  Always curious about Samhain, (and how to pronounce it) I welcomed the articles surrounding this festival and other legends behind traditions at this time of year.  Click on the link and Enjoy!


    Blogging for New Writers

    Finally got around to checking for comments today. I’ve had my head buried in a manuscript revision.

    Thanks to all who stopped by and left comments.

    Tia Nevitt, the author of one comment, listed the URL for an educational post she wrote. Check it out here. She has a new blog as well called Debuts and Reviews.  It is worth a visit as well.  Thank you Tia. I hope to make some improvements soon.

    Updating My Website

    A photo to enjoy

    I took the time today to update my website, following some suggestions on a website review offered by 1st turning point. I struggle because the website builder I use, often refuses my requests, gets bogged down, and I have to log out and back in again, and so on. This likely occurs  because I don’t understand the workings of HTML and I try to do too much at once.   I have learned that I need to save what I have changed before I go on to change something else.  I toned down the color, and would like to get rid of the logo and the fireworks banner, but haven’t figured out how to change that. So six and a half hours later … ZZZZzzzzzzz. I may hunt up a new design.

    Have a great week. Would love to read your comments.

    Writer’s Website Review

    April Rickard, Website Reviewer for 1st Turning Point

    April Rickard reviewed my website on  1st Turning Point , the place to visit to learn from experienced “others” who share not only the “how to” but the “why” — in self promotion, platform building, social networking, etc.

    It is important to me to learn as much as I can about platform building before I need one, so the learning curve doesn’t hit during the time when a potential agent or editor either wants to know if you have a social network up and running.  If a writer has established internet exposure, when the new novel  gets published, the publicity can easily be sent into cyber space.  Thank you April, and 1st Turning Point, for the review.  Now if I can just find a spot on my calendar (grin) … the best I can offer is that I will put a note here when I have worked on improving the site.

    Win a Copy of “Wild” by Pamela S Beason

    A Child is Missing in the Wilderness

    Win a copy of Pamela Beason’s autographed self published book, no longer available as her novel was picked up by a New York publishing house.

    This story will debut with a different title, and a few minor changes … sometime in 2011.  I enjoyed reading it, and noticed that for me, a notorious ‘skipper’, I skipped no words in this novel.

    To win, subscribe to my blog and add a brief comment with your most effective time organization tools, listing the major things you do, to keep those words flowing onto the pages, while attending to the business end of being a writer—and not neglecting personal obligations.

    Last date to comment will be Sat, August 21 at midnight, Pacific Daylight Time.  I will choose the winner and post it on Monday, August 23.  It is my hope that we will all benefit from reviewing the time challenges that every writer faces every day.

    I will pick the one (s) most likely to help me, totally subjective, and send the book.

    Have a great writing day,  and a wonderful weekend.

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