Friday Fun Video: Can We Go Home AGain?

Photo taken by my father fishing in the Elk Valley

My father fishing in the Elk Valley many years ago

The video produced by the folks of Elkford B.C. Canada tweaked  a nostalgic region in my heart, and made me grin.  Elkford exists in  coal mining country in Southeast British Columbia, near the Alberta Border.   Being raised in the area, the scenery is familiar, and the wilderness a reminder of a camping trips far from Sparwood, my home.  Elkford community was after my time, but the geography is the same.   Visit my childhood with me?

Returning to my rearing ground many times over the years, I felt like a fist pulled out of a bucket of water.  When I left,  Sparwood filled in the hole like I was never there.  A few dear friends remain but our lives have kept us far afield, and the visits occur in a venue much changed.  Have you tried to go back to a special place and found it lovely but no longer yours?

Thankfully, new places become special and the poignant massage fades.

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  1. patriciasands
    Aug 27, 2011 @ 09:38:49

    Apparently the bears in Elkford are pretty smart! Anything to do with B.C. has a special place in my heart. Whistler is like a second home and we’ve had some great skiing in Fernie too. (Seen bears in both spots as well!)



    • mspicher
      Aug 27, 2011 @ 20:35:38

      When I was a young girl in the late 50′s, my friends and I would grab our sleeping bags, a back pack with bacon & eggs, some matches, fry pan, etc. and walk about a mile into the mountain woods and ‘camp out’ overnight. Along about 4:00 AM, I would wake up shivering with the dew and the cold, and try to hold out until a buddy got up and lit the campfire. I usually caved first.

      Never saw a bear on those outings. Might be that they had more country in which to roam, there were not as many, or they were not hungry. Good thing.

      The bears in Elkford must be mutants to be so smart. Grin.

      Thanks for sharing that we have walked some common ground!



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