Puppy Pranks & the Cleanup

King in Training

My office has enough room for several wastebaskets, including the one in the office bathroom.

Adjoining the office, a laundry room doubles as a closed off area to sequester our 6 month old yellow Labrador puppy … when we need a break from his ultra-energetic playfulness.

Now me … aging slightly … I’ve learned how to cope with lifelong absent-minded tendencies.  But I can pound a behavior into my mind and seldom forget to follow through.

Pup, named “King” by his daddy, likes garbage. Especially Kleenex tissues, toilet roll, and other waste products common to bathroom waste baskets. (Eeeuuww)

Don’t I close my office door every time I leave?

I’ve lost count of the ‘mood benders’ when entering the area,  finding the door open and garbage strewn about. Chewed into tiny bits. Everywhere.

I closed the door.  If I forgot, why didn’t my husband check before putting King pup in his special area? I mean, really!

Yesterday, looking at the view while peeling potatoes, I noticed pup outside, jumping up and scraping his paw on the handle of the sliding glass deck door. Odd. Ha! He’ll never move it. Silly puppy.

Today, the garbage again, two hours after I shut the door and left. Didn’t I? I mean, shut the door? Whacked by self-doubt, I spewed some gritty comments and entertained  mental  spousal accusations.

Moments later, flash! I  connected the dots. The failed attempt on the glass deck door.  The levered handle on the office door. The little stinker knew how to open the door!

Yeah, he’s still adorable. I made silent apologies to my husband.  I’m sure he didn’t blame me for the open door … did he?

So fellow dog lovers, what is the solution? I considered tying the handle to a hook on the ceiling but discovered the lever opens the door up or down.  Do you have a puppy story to share?  I’ll wager nobody makes it through puppy-hood without adventures.

There’s usually a blessing. I rejoice that he prefered the garbage and ignored the computer cables.

6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Marion Spicher
    Jul 25, 2011 @ 23:35:08

    The suggestion to put a hook & eye higher on the door to manage my 6 mo. old pup is an excellent suggestion! I smiled when you said it might be a safety issue … and I pictured my husband locking me in.

    This pup also claws and chews the wallboard, the wooden cabinet corners. I think he is hyperactive! My husband runs him a lot, works with him in tossing dummies, etc. But he just is a ball of energy.

    I visited your blog … excellent pictures! Am heading over to check out the blog re the toys. Thanks! May you feel God’s heart within yours always.



  2. goingroundandround
    Jul 25, 2011 @ 21:55:07

    Our 2 senior dogs still love to get in the trash cans for the used Kleenexes. We are a house full of runny noses and allergies, so it’s usually a jackpot! Our big dog has bad teeth, so he won’t chew on his bones anymore and prefers to snuffle through the office or bedroom trash; while our little dog will get in the bathroom trash when she’s hungry or bored and will knock over the kitchen trash when we leave if she is feeling anxious. We solve the kitchen trash problem by tucking the can into a corner, and I have stopped putting certain things in the bathroom trash.

    You could install some sort of closure at the top of the door (chain lock or hook and eye) and that would keep the little guy out of the room. There might be a safety issue there, though.

    A couple of weeks ago we won a couple of Busy Buddy toys – Tug-a-Jug and Squirrel Dude – in a blog contest. Jackie likes them so much that she wrote a blog post about them! 😉 http://littlemissjackie.wordpress.com/2011/07/14/we-won/

    These toys can be filled with small treats and doggie has to work mentally and physically to get them out. I put plain Cheerios in them, with a few chewy treats for variety. These are the only toys we’ve had that keep Jackie interested and completely tire her out. King sounds like an extremely clever boy, and he would probably love a new challenge now that he has conquered the doorknob. A problem-solving toy might be just the thing!



  3. Laurie Ryan
    Jul 25, 2011 @ 08:23:25

    I think you might be stuck having NO garbage can in there until he gets past this need to dig in it. Best of luck!



  4. mE
    Jul 25, 2011 @ 07:59:53

    Hi…one of the “garbage” problems we solved is putting a snap mouse trap in the bottom of can (s)– has worked for us. Don’t know if you close the pup in the laundry room behind a door, but a baby gate that will aloow the puppy to see you, often works; a radio, on & turned down so you can still work (dogs can hear quite well) and chew bones (pup is probably still teething?) , also a towel or blanket to lay on if pup is used to having one for bed. Take pup for walk before hand, will tire him and is good for you. We also used a crate at times with the door open and bed inside it with a couple of favorite (chewable) toys. Labs are mouth users, so think of that when keeping Lab pups at bay:) in your home.



    • Marion Spicher
      Jul 25, 2011 @ 23:00:04

      Great suggestion! But the first time I go to empty my own waste basket, guess who will have forgotten all about it and …

      I have also heard that a mousetrap under newspapers on furniture discourages the couch climbers. We have chew toys, puppy gate, towel, and walk him often during the day and before bed. Hope this is a great week for you!



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