A Writer’s Toolkit

Cassandra Jade, Australian Author

Cassandra Jade, an Australian Author, shared in her  July blog entry a writer’s tool kit.  It is worth a read.

She suggested creating a skim reading spread sheet to briefly summarize where the WIP has been—and is headed—so if we have been away from the project, we can skim it quickly and get up to date without reading the manuscript again.

The direction of the original plan often changes so doesn’t provide a reliable review.  Who has time to read the whole thing again before continuing on?

As a thank you for the idea, below is a promo about her book.

Have a great writing day.  I’d best get to it myself.

Genre: Fantasy Length: Novel
Digital ISBN: 978-1-61650-146-4
Digital Publication Date: May 3, 2010
Formats: .epub, .lit, .pdf, .prc (Kindle and Mobi), .lrf (Sony Reader) and pc and raw .html

What do you do when the universe conspires against you?

Calandra has her future all figured out: She’ll live with her overbearing mother another year, then she’ll be free to pursue her heart’s dream—being a librarian. Then her mother is murdered, she’s stalked by mysterious beings, and the future she’s longed for crumbles.
On her quest to return the chaos of her life to order, hidden truths are uncovered that set her on a course she could never have imagined. She must confront ancient secrets, battle mysterious forces and survive the wrath of the gods before peace is restored and her life is again her own.

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