Keeping Cool in the Heat

Mendenhall Glacier Juneau AK

Sending good wishes to those in the Pacific Northwest without air conditioning (which would be most folks).

There are several ways to cool down if the heat causes discomfort.

Visit  Southeast Alaska Panhandle. ( see pic to the left) Cold rags on the neck and near the femoral artery in the groin.  (Could this be used in a romance novel?)  Feet in a bucket of cold water. Wear a dampened article of clothing.  Sit outside in the shade, dousing yourself with the sprinkler, with a fan running if there is no breeze.  Wet your hair. Basically anything that will cause evaporation close to your skin.  Do all cooking outside on a barbie if you can.  Or don’t cook. Go to an air conditioned restaurant. Hang out where it is air conditioned with your lap top to do your writing. Don’t run the drier during the day. Invest in a large capacity fan to put next to a

Dust off the snow & join me for a cold drink.

window at night to push out the hot air, and pull in the cool.

Night time cooling? An evening swim in a cold water.   It will keep you cool for up to three hours following the dip.  Hubby and I, at one time, lived in Grand Coulee Dam, hot desert, and before we had air conditioning, it worked well for us.  Mom, pop, and three kids to Spring Canyon Lake Roosevelt Reservoir for the daily evening swim.

Keep in mind that if you are suffering, you need to pay attention, and do something about it.  So meditate on the pictures and be cool.

Take care!

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