Learning Curve Continues

Great classes giving a blow by blow description easy to follow, to build a blog.  Even though I have blogged here for a while, I created another WordPress blog site so I could practice.   I am learning how to do things I avoided because I didn’t know how.   Thanks RU for this instruction! Can’t wait for session #3.

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  1. Dianne
    Jul 30, 2010 @ 00:34:23

    Thanks for your information Marion. Yes, what you have told me is definitely of help. I’m attending a Professional Writing Course at a TAFE (College of Technical and Further Education) in Adelaide, South Australia. I am currently enrolled in a course called “Write Articles for Publication” with an emphasis on publishing on-line. My first assignment: create a blog, interview three bloggers about their experience, and write an article about blogging. You have been a great help and I will be following your blog as well as the “Create a bog for non-techies” for further info.



  2. Marion Spicher
    Jul 29, 2010 @ 20:34:09

    Blogging is one of the ways a writer can build a platform of self promotion and become known amongst other writers, and others who ‘stop by and read.’

    Why do I think this a good idea? If and when one of my manuscripts gets published, a network of contacts will already be in place, improving the marketing strategy for sales. Agents and editors can visit the site and learn a bit about me.

    I belong to several writer’s associations, which are listed on my web page, and I encourage writer’s to have a blog, or have a shared blog with other writers, so the pressure to write something, at least three days, a week is shared. The goal is repeat visitors, so the blog needs to draw the reader.

    The course I have described teaches one who is not comfortable, and not a computer techie, shows them, step by step, how to create a blog.

    I did this one the hard way, a long while ago, so I could learn before I really needed one … but this class has taught me, for example, about adding pages, and why. I know I will learn more, so will follow her class.

    You didn’t say anything about your education or experience, so I am responding as if I can be of help. If you already know these things, I apologize. My first recommendation to you would be to join a writer’s association, and one of the best for all genres of writing is Romance Writer’s of America. They promote excellence in writing and will connect you with local branches of the organization. Within those branches, at monthly meetings, you will be exposed folks who can help and advise through experience, and to email loops that discuss on-line publishing at length.

    To finally answer your question, (grin) no this would not be a good medium in which to publish writing for which you wished to be paid, or in which to protect the copyright. If you share what you have written for the pleasure, or education of the reader, then, yes, you can write on a blog. Most bloggers keep it short, as folks have time pressures. Thanks for stopping by!



  3. iamwotiam
    Jul 29, 2010 @ 19:36:09

    I am consucting a search for new bloggers. I just typed in “writing blogs” in WordPress search and came up with your blog, amongst others. Tell me about what you have learned about blogging. Is it useful? I am a professional writing student, learning about on-line publishing. Do you think that this is a worthwhile medium to “publish” your writing? Tell me about the instruction sessions you refer to.



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