The Business End of Writing: Documenting Travel Expenses: Tip # 2

Nothing like a view of nature's splendor to ease the need for bookkeeping

While pursuing a writing career, shocking numbers jump into focus when we track the total expenses during the pursuit of excellence, whether it be to learn, teach, establish a platform, a brand, publicity, social networking, computers, software, internet, business cards, while we dedicate our efforts to the most important part—getting those words on the page.

Spreadsheets help track writing travel expenses, other than personal vehicle mileage mentioned in Wednesday’s blog.

  • Air Fare, including baggage charges
  • Hotel/Motel
  • Rental Car & Fuel purchased
  • Taxi Fares
  • Internet Usage
  • Meals
  • Meals and Entertainment (entertaining for the purpose of writing as in editor/agent)
  • Cost of workshop, Seminar, Conference
  • Supplies needed to streamline the attendance at conferences
  • Phone
  • Tips

I’ll share the spreadsheet I use. Email me at with “Travel Expense Spread Sheet” in the subject line, and I will attach an Excel Spread Sheet copy and send it to you.

Wishing all of the conference attendees, presenters, and volunteers, experiences loaded with information that will move writing careers forward.  Bon Voyage, all.  For the rest of us, remember as members of RWA, we can purchase the DVD of the workshops later in the year.  They are worth every penny!

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