Travel makes settings for writing come alive.

I have been privileged to travel and visit with far flung friends and family since the beginning of April.  The trip took me through the Cypress Hills, just across the Alberta Canada border into Saskatchewan, a site of historical interest.

On the journey across Canada to Winnipeg, Manitoba, and south and east to Michigan,  with the return trip through the United States to the Pacific Northwest,  I was repeatedly awe struck as I  viewed the distances and noticed the hardships of terrain, marveling  at the endurance of the pioneers, and their determination and drive.  I think of the explorers and the constant quest for a Northwest Passage from the Atlantic to the Pacific Oceans,  and how devastated they must have been to bump into the western banks of the Great Lakes.

There is a Yahoo group, newly formed, for promo of historical novels, and discussion about historical interests.  I joined but haven’t had time to visit much.  If you want to check it out , click here.

Now I am off to Austin Texas, and Knoxville Tennessee.  Gone until June 9.

For the folks planning to attend the RWA National Writer’s Conference in late July, am cheering for you and hope the RWA National Conference (moved from Nashville to Orlando Florida) will go well.  RWA rallied for the writing membership, met the crisis quickly, and although there are still some bugs to be worked out, I am impressed.  And I pray the people of Nashville are imbued with strength as they recover.

See y’all when I return.  Wishing the readers the best!

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