Getting Organized

When I said I would share with you the presentation on organization on my next post, who knew it would be 11 days later?

The presentation at the GSRWA meeting, on getting organized was helpful.

As I considered my own emergency need to ease the stress—and savor once again—the peace in my life, I found I didn’t want to talk about goal setting.  There is a great deal of great advice available regarding that subject.

What came to me is this: those who thrive on trying to tie down something that will work, might find it helpful to list and prioritize the tasks that must be accomplished, versus  those that should be accomplished, in order to meet goals.   These are intentions, not goals.  They will provide feedback, not failure.  And I suspect that intentions do write a pathway in the brain to point a compass to direct actions.

Grade the list items for importance on a scale of 1 to 10.

Then give some thought to the time factor you think would be involved in these tasks each week, or month, and see if any can be delegated to family members without creating problems in their lives.  Then break it down … to daily tasks.  Some may need to be an all day thing one day a week.  Others might need some attention every day.  On a goal that requires a lot of time and effort, discipline is needed to stop at the end of a small chunk in the allotted time, and allow for yourself to continue where you left off, the following day.  An example might be clearing out a file drawer.  Agree with yourself to clean out one half of a drawer holding outdated tax files.  Another day, you might clean out a drawer holding old files that no longer apply to your life … etc.

Once it is broken down you will be able to visualize the possibility of accomplishing the tasks.

Am I going to do this?  Probably not immediately.  I hope the suggestions will be useful for some.  In the meantime, I have some catching up to do … like four months worth of bookkeeping.  It is time for me to stop running on the treadmill of stress, dig out my office and my life from the pile of ‘to do’ lists, and take a deep breath.  Then I can once again sit and dream dreams, and swim in the tranquil sea of loving life as it was given to me.   I look forward to cherished time with family and friends.

I do take time every evening before bed to check the list I made for the day, and again in the morning before I begin my day, in order to have some idea of time management, but if it doesn’t work out, at least I have not forgotten appointments, etc.

I said I would post about organizing … (smile) so I thought I had best get to it.  Am I going to continue to write?  Yes.  As long as I am able.  And my intention is to write first thing every morning, and then the writing will not impact the rest of my day.  On those days I cannot, I don’t fuss.  What ever will be, will be.

Wishing you Peace … Love, Marion

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