Surrey International Writer’s Conference

On October 22, 23, 24, 25th, I drove north to  the Surrey International Writer’s Conference for another valuable educational experience, and the pleasure of meeting new friends.

The highlights?  Too many to cover them all, but here are a few:

Donald Maase New York Agency … Workshops and 3 hour master class

Jack Whyte 9 King Arthur books, Templars, Scottish legendary heroes: offered workshops & 3 hour master class.

Jeff Arch screen writing – wrote Sleepless in Seattle

Susan Wiggs Romance Writer, Historical and Contemporary

Diana Gabaldon Outlander Series, 7 books of adventure, danger, love & time travel

Jacqui Banaszynski Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, workshop & keynote speaker

“Ms. Banaszynski, your keynote address at Sunday’s luncheon wrapped your story telling hands around my heart to make it pump harder, warmer, made it ache, made the lifeblood travel to my eyes, and travel throughout my body. You had me quickened flesh and soul, and I left with a new view of humanity and endurance.

Social Networking Workshops(facebook, twitter, and more).

Blue Pencil appointments: Each attendee may bring 3 pages of their work for a guaranteed read and advice by an experienced writer.

Master Classes:  On the Thursday before the conference one could sign up for one or two 3 hour “Master Classes”, see above for Donald Maass & Jack Whyte.

Each attendee had one solitary time with an editor or an agent.  Additional leftover spots  were available for those willing to stand in line.

Totally rewarding and  valuable  time and money spent.

Marion  (life is a treasure hunt)


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