So where have I been the last few months?  I practiced writing on novel number one, put it away in a box, played with a short story that needed to be expanded to something more … and enjoyed the opportunities to learn, listed below:

  • The Whidbey Island Writer’s Conference in February
  • A series of 9 Revision/critique classes on Whidbey Island (110 mile drive one way)  Enjoyed meeting and working with the classmates and the teacher, Wayne Ude.
  • A writer’s retreat over a weekend at Port Orchard, WA (another long drive)
  • A research trip to Calgary Alberta, mixed with pleasure … visiting brother and old nursing classmates.  (Drove even further!)
  • Coffee sojourns with fellow writers to share and critique, some local and some on Whidbey Island
  • Browsing monthly on Randy Ingermanson’s rich information (his web site listed on the side panel listing blogs & web pages)
  • Robert McKee’s Seminar “Story” in Vancouver, Canada.  A superb seminar, intense, loaded, 9AM to 8:30 PM for 3 days … illuminating writing craft and threatened to put the process of story building into my mind.

Today I tackled my office to get rid of clutter.  I cataloged the books on my shelves so I can find a quick reference.  So far, there are no repeat purchases, but it could happen!  I continue to read, noticing what I like and what I don’t like, and try to figure out why.

Tomorrow, I tackle the  organization and planning stage of the design of a new story.  It promises to be an exciting journey as I experiment with the culmination of learning over the past three years. This tale percolates in my head presenting possibilities …

Now if I can just stay away from the computer games …



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