I just completed 24 hours of vocabulary enhancement while trying to design a web site. (That is a roundabout way to say that the air was blue!) Lots of work yet to do, but am seeing a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. I didn’t want to pay someone to do it for two reasons … I don’t want to spend the money … and I want to understand the process through learning to navigate through the maze myself.

So how is the writing coming along, one might ask? Or not. I am winding down on the big push for education (over the last three years) to get a handle on the craft aspect of writing … and am ready to roll up my sleeves again. I have a story perking and can’t wait to begin.

I had to bag the first story until such time as I am no longer sick of it. With the help of critiques by other writers and the education curve of my own, I know it needs a rewrite. I have to chuckle because I followed some of the advice ‘out there’ when I first started writing, and kept every draft, every revision, and filled a file drawer and my computer documents with junk. I thought writing a story was about words, and have now learned that words are only the medium for sharing the story … the story itself must be excellent. Fixing the words is the easy part.

It is a bit like reading an old diary entry … you smile when you realize that you have matured a bit …

Wishing anyone who stops by a blessed summer … good harvest, and if a writer, lots of creative muses stirring the pot.

Take care all.


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