Getting ready to head south to Texas to visit the household of my daughter, granddaughter and the fellow who keeps them up and running.  Then over to Tennessee to visit a dear friend and her husband. Good old Alaska Air miles!

My Texas daughter has a Masters of Fine Arts Degree in English and Spanish, and I look forward to learning a great deal from her on this trip. In addition to working full time, being a soccer Mom, and training for a half marathon, she is getting ready for the National Write A Book in a Month (50,000 words), beginning Nov 1st. (I probably didn’t get the name of the challenge quite right … but the essence of the endeavor is there!)

I will be at her house at that time, so I am guessing we will both be doing some writing!  I am hauling along my lap top.

The garden is finished, and all the produce is frozen or canned. Crisp misty mornings and sunny afternoons continue to add to the glory of the turning trees and my hunter/gatherer husband has provided game for the table.

Happy Hallow e’en.


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