The writer’s conference in Seattle (actually Bellevue) is over, and once again, the sleeves roll up, and new goals shove old ones aside.

Don’t anyone hold their breath waiting for me to learn how to manage this blog.  I am going to write, write, write. If I produce something worthy, then I will concentrate of the web expertise. Until then, for anyone who stops by … hello, and greetings. Wish I could share a cup of tea!

The conference … so much to say.  Lots of writers to meet, workshops to hone the craft of writing, motivational speakers, contests to be won, raffles, book fair, … but best of all, people to network with and learn from.

I was a finalist in this conference’s Emerald City Opener Contest, (first 7 pages to hook a reader) and came in third of the three finalists. Sob.  Lots of congratulations, so I must accept that it is an important step. But only a beginning.

My story is about seasoned characters over 65. The editor agent  contacts assured me that there was  no market for romance between senior characters. And they are in the business to sell books.

Except … and this is a big except … for a relatively new publisher for romance novels (is there any other kind? ) and they were encouraging, supportive of new authors, and have a category for older heroes and heroines. I’ll put the web address up …. if I remember how.  It is the Wild Rose Press.  Their web site is worth a peek.

However, I suspect that if the story is written well enough, somebody will want to buy it. How’s that for a positive attitude? And if no ever expresses an interest, then bravo for my learning process. Writers, like in any  of the arts, must practice, practice, practice.

So, back to my story, clacking away at the keyboard.

In times of panic, planning for the worst can sometimes dull the fear. For those of you who are deeply threatened by the current economic crisis, may you weather the storm with a strong heart.  It is always my prayer that during tragic events, the brotherhood of man will prevail as we comfort one another.



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