Through the office window, high enough to provide only a view only of evergreen tops backed by an autumn sky, I see billowing white clouds layered with grays and bordered by deep blue … and I imagine crisp air with interval bursts of sun. Love it. Might even get outside for a bike ride.

Ten days since I last checked and posted? How can this be? Another time warp?

Life … fascinating things to do and learn, so while I wipe aside cobwebs of distraction to write every day, some activities must fall by the wayside.

Anybody interested in excuses?

  • Keeping my touchstones close … as in family and friends and writing buddies. I put this first because it is easy to take them for granted and let this one slip. For me it is a priority because without the love of these people in my life, everything else seems shallow.
  • Enrolling in an on-line html class. Strange terminology is a stiff hard climb, but I realize that once I ‘get it’, the process will look simple in hindsight.
  • Planning activities for a writer’s conference coming up in October, choosing from multiple choices of workshops, preparing a “pitch” for possible agent/editor appointment. What’s a pitch?  A writing teacher, Laurel Leigh, once said it should be concise and short enough to engage an editor’s interest during an elevator ride. Now there’s a challenge! Others teach that then a paragraph to follow … only a paragraph?
  • Keeping up with group members in the Greater Seattle RWA group, and attending a meeting … Saturday in fact … a 100 mile drive. Now that’s hunger!
  • Bookkeeping for my husband’s business, and tracking my writing expenses just in case
  • Continuing education daily on writing craft excellence and the business end of writing.
  • Exercise … notice … this is last on my list. Sigh.

As the learning curve eases on blog and web site construction, my goal is to make this more than a daily journal.

Another blogger stopped by … how cool is that? Her blog site is listed to the right. Thanks for stopping by, Melissa.

Thought for today?  Balance … nobody can stand on one foot for too long.

Enjoy your day.


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