Emma Clair and Michelle McGinnis presented a workshop at the National RWA Writers Conference in San Francisco and gave me the courage to practice with a blog on this site, and a web site on 1and1. Links to their web pages are below.



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  1. Sandra
    Aug 13, 2008 @ 14:08:42

    Saw Emma Clair last night at RWA meeting, and she said she’d e-mailed you with congratulations on your finalist status. She’d be glad to know you’re taking her advice and getting a blog and web page together. Way to go!!!



  2. Big D
    Aug 13, 2008 @ 05:48:58

    Thank you kindly for the invite to share your new and exciting adventure! You know I only wish you good things, wonderful new experiences, and in return you get to let me see the wonderful stories that come out of your imagnination! What an adventure I see ahead for all those who get to share!

    May your computer troubles be finite, unlike your creative abilities! You’re a wonderful writer as I have seen before. You do have the ability to transpose thoughts into words easily. The beauty for me is that I get to peek in on the transformation.and the words into the journey of others, though they be fictional.

    I think it is absolutely wonderful that you were encouraged to share your gift with others! Because it is a gift, and you DO have it! If I may get a bit personal, I say, YOU GO GIRL!



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